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Our Approach

Given a positive attitude and an outgoing personality, anyone can develop great sales skills. Anyone.
We consider the following qualities essential in sales. Helping you develop them is our key focus.
Analytical Skills
  • Assessing the diverse interests of multiple buying center members and adapting sales strategy to fit individual motives 

  • Managing a wide range of decision-makers and influencers

  • Understanding each customer's unique challenges and fitting them
    with your products and services

These are some of the topics we cover when working with you on buying center analysis, strategic solution selling, or aligning sales strategy to the customer
decision-making process.


To be persuasive you need to be reMARKable. In other words, surprisingly different
and worth attention. This includes:


  • Radiating self-confidence and enthusiasm

  • Asking intelligent, provocative, questions instead of holding boring monologues

  • Tying your key messages to customer benefits


We focus on these points in all phases of the sales call; from acquisition to negotiation.

  • Revealing dissatisfaction

  • Developing a vision for improvement

  • Actively influencing decision-making criteria


These objectives are the basis for every sale. Achieving them, requires having the courage to get close to your customers and address critical (sometimes unpleasant) issues. The return: viable, rewarding, relationships. Focusing on these objectives underscores everything we do.

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