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Training Topics

We tailor-fit training content and concepts to your requirements and draw on real-world situations from your industry. We focus on subjects where our expertise is top. Here is a brief overview of our offering:


  • Getting appointments with new customers on the phone B2B

  • Walk-In Cold Calling – Gastro Sales

  • Successful Trade Shows – goals, planning, acquisition on the show floor

  • Getting appointments with existing customers on the phone B2C

Sales Calls

  • Creating a positive impression 
    in initial appointments

  • Storytelling

  • Questioning skills B2B & B2C

  • Convincing objection handling

  • Focused cross- & up-selling

  • Developing strong closing skills


  • Mental and strategic preparation

  • Techniques for critical situations

  • Coping with pressure, manipulation and mentally challenging situations

  • Communicating and achieving
    price increases

  • Intensive preparation for upcoming negotiations

Strategic Sales

  • Understanding and managing complex Buying Centers

  • Developing actions plans that drive the decision making process

  • Solution selling and Industry 4.0

  • Aligning sales strategy to the customer decision making process

  • Sales oriented communication for technicians and engineers

Personal Skills

  • Convincing presentations

  • Effective communication and body language

  • Time management and
    self management

  • Complaint management

  • Rapport building and relationship management


  • Defining and communicating company vision, strategy, goals, expectations,
    and USPs

  • Focused employee development
    and coaching

  • Conflict Management

  • Leadership and change management

  • Leading with KPIs

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